NASA Mushroom Built Bases On Other Worlds.

Is NASA already using mushrooms to grow buildings on the Moon and on Mars? It seems talk in recent days of the possibility makes me think it obvious they’re telling us because it’s already Declassified.

Now when we think about the new Space Force along with Aerospace Prototypes, Military Prototypes, Microbicides and etc. ans how this science fiction living building and possibly the building of living spacecraft appears to be a game changing situation. The cost of shooting up exotic material and metals into space would be astronomical to do, let alone the same on another planet from a startup basis would be considerably harder. But if one were to carry Spore prints and lightweight containers that would be one of the most phenomenal things in Mankind’s achievements.

I wonder if the astronauts in the future will be able to not only consume these fungus but, use them for multiple type of building blocks? It is astonishing and we can only wait and see.

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