Living Self Healing AI Robots Cybergenetics Stem Cell Gene Therapies.

Scientist have now created a living robot that is self healing using the African claw frogs stem cells. This brings in micro technology use to treat human bodies on the planet or in the space program. These robots can swim or walk, plus they can last for weeks before being feed due to the fact that they are self sustained and they can work in batches with each other.

It well be interesting to see how Society accepts or rejects this completely new life form, and if it will be implemented to helping medical patients in need of what it can achieve? As we can see the zero time stem cell scrape from the living embryo of the Frog and then they are incubated.

I have to ask myself that if these organic robots will develop into the microbicides system of the future biological machines that are neither metal no plastic. And as if they are a biological form it would appear the possibility that the environment will not be affected in the ways that steel plastic and metal machines and how they damage the environment even when being recycled. It is my belief that not only will they be used to transmit medications to the human body but there’s a possibility that they can be used to clean up radioactive waste, sweep microplastics from the oceans and other places that we are unable to deal with with present technology.

Once they are used in 3D biological format is when I believe we will see the true Gene Therapies benefit from these robotic self-healing machines. I believe they will be the future of degenerative diseasel diabetesl cancers and along with the major problems in Parkinson’s and Dementia etc and etc.

This is no longer the stuff of Syfy movies. And although these are AI Robot formats, I cannot see any reason that they would become harmful two human beings.

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