Gene Therapies curing cancer?

Gene therapies curing cancer? As we seen in recent history is that by extracting some of your genetic material in your blood and giving a positive charge And then re-injecting it into your body, The Supercharged cells seek out and Destroy completely all cancer cells. Is this going to be a common place in the future.

It makes me think for the last 10 years how I’ve been telling younger people that, they will look upon this time and the practice of medicine as being barbaric. Now one has to ponder with Nano researching and many other forms such as microbicides and etc. what will the future really hold? I mean can one truly in one’s mine predict what Cyber Genetics will produce? Well as time goes on will you be able to walk in and receive a gene vaccine then eliminate diabetes and they use of insulin and Metformin etc. etc.

I have to ask myself with the onslaught of availability of zero time stem cell even into the swamps of America, just how far we are from extending life 2 maybe hundreds of years or even Thousands of years. Now think about AI and AIrobots put into the picture, will they be the ones that come up with the Genetic Vaccines and the Biological Therapies? Will we even be relevant to any of our future?

When we look at one of the Jewish beliefs, that when their Messiah shows up. No one will ever have to work again, is it the AIrobots that will make this possible? So when we think about AI robots doing surgeries, producing Nano, Micro, Cyber products and Stem Cell, Genetic Cures along with Pharmaceuticals + AIrobots will also run the Research Laboratories (will they not). So is the future bright or is it gloomy? I think Blessed!


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