copyright 2018 Codell Criston
According to Thomas King Clark, the owner of, it is. From a certain perspective, I can agree with this premise.
Not everyone would hold that the primacy of Cybergenetics outweighs that of other important technological sectors. However, even those who do not place Cybergenetics at the apex of importance for the future of Mankind can agree that it is a technology to be contended with on a level unequaled by any other. That may be a bold claim, but Cybergenetics stands to fundamentally alter the Human animal in ways that we can hardly imagine. Those changes will, of themselves, dictate the focus, range, and goal of every other technological sector. Cybergenetics will direct the unfolding drama of Humanity’s future.
Why would someone stand on this position? Predominantly, due to chimeras.
Standard genetic research and development explodes with possibilities and potential, in some ways exciting, in other ways terrifying; but all of which are fascinating. Chimera research, development, and advancement generally focuses on standard genetic tinkering, not reliant upon the introduction of Cyber elements and factors. However, considering the equally rapid advancement of Robotics, combining the two is not only inevitable, it is wise, if ethically undertaken. Chimeras can be designed to survive and succeed in otherwise problematic environments, conditions, or endeavors through Cyber enhancements which are incorporated into their constructs.
What does this mean In Real Life? It means that Humanity can overcome numerous threats facing us on Earth, whether climatic, environmental, pollution-based, subsidence-based, therapeutic, or societal. Humanity can overcome problems keeping us from setting up residence in Space and on other worlds, something that we must do if we hope to survive for much longer. Humanity can overcome diseases, disabilities, injuries, and other harm that destroys individuals and families. We can do the same for other creatures and even plants, ensuring their survival, too.
As has always been the case with scientific advancement, so much depends upon motives, ethics, finances; who has the power to make or break innovators; who has the power to control what is or is not pursued. An old story, but one that never ends. It has, and continues, to shape everything around us, in ways that many people never notice or ponder. Acceptance is made, whether by agreement, default, or giving up in the face of overwhelming odds. While the potential offered to us by Cybergenetics is incredible, we will be best served by trying to hold to ideals of responsible and kind practices. Creating chimeric cyborgs or incorporating human brains into devices of convenience made specifically for slavery, because no law prevents it, is just one example of what must not be permitted with our technological powers. We must cling to the humanity inherent in fundamental rights, and apply those rights to the cybergenetic beings we create, whether they look like legitimate beings to us or not.IS CYBERGENETICS THE MOST IMPORTANT TECHNOLOGY OF OUR TIME?

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